Sunday, September 9, 2012

Doggy Cookies for Tucker!

So I had some leftover cookie dough sitting in my freezer that has been calling my name... and we just got the cutest darn puppy ever so why the heck not make doggy cookies in honour of him? I mean... how can I not make something for this little guy? Look at him!! Thanks to my older brother for producing some lovely photos of Tucker that I'm going to share now with you. He's a Toronto Wedding Photographer and does some really fantastic work!

AWW I just love the little monker so much! And am totally and completely jealous of my brother's natural gift to take beautiful photos. I know my cookies don't compare to the real thing... but I tried. If interested in making sugar cookies, check out this post. And yes, that's supposed to be him below, minus the pointy ears (which let's be honest, is his best feature).

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