Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whoo do you love? Sugar Cookies

So it's that time of year! The time for corny lines, sweet gestures, 'I love you's, an overload of heart shaped candies, pink and red, and 'I HATE Valentine's Day!' for all the single people out there or haters of Hallmark created holidays. And while I am not a huge lover of Valentine's Day, and the expectation of spending money, buying cards, giving flowers, etc. (of course I know you can do sweet things for your special someone that doesn't cost money... a-hem, like massages, extra chores around the house, etc. ;) wink wink nudge nudge) I AM a huge fan of the opportunity to make SUPER CUTE OWL HEART cookies and yummy cupcakes, and in general stuff my face with gazillions of heart shaped candies... which I may have started today. Bulk barn got the best of me.

I have been DYING for the opportunity to make cookies with owls on them, and while I'm sure that I could have done so in the past few months, I'm glad that I waited because I LOVED these! I mean, how could you not love those big eyes staring at you, with little hearts floating around and messages saying 'Owl always love you'. I think my two ultimate favourites were the middle one with the owl on the swing (so sad I only made one), and the owl in the middle of the word LOVE. Too adorable.

If you'd like to see my recipe that I use for sugar cookies, check my post on Baby Shower Cookies.

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As a final note: I've decided to stop apologizing for the long periods between posts. I've come to accept that right now in my life, it is what it is. Doing my Masters and working at placement while also being a TA may not be as crazy busy (currently, although I'm sure it will be shortly) as I was a year ago, but I was also doing different things. I admire women that are super duper like Annie from Annie's Eats, but sadly, I'm not. I know I could be if I wanted to, but frankly, my blog is not at the top of my priority list right now. I know that I will pick it back up at some point, but for right now, there may be times that I may not post for nearly a month (or over!), and I'm ok with that. I hope you are too. And I also hope that you know that despite my lack of posting, I will always welcome any comments or questions. Pin It

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