Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Twins! Cookies

I made these cookies several weeks ago; one of my most dear friends got the pleasant surprise (slash absolute shock) at 5 months along that she not only has 1 baby inside her, but 2! And to top that off, there's both a boy and a girl! I think, naturally, it took her a little while to process the fact that she was having twins, when her and her husband had believed for over half of the pregnancy that there was only 1 child. But now, she's due any day (in fact she's past her due date and scheduled to be induced on Wednesday) and is ready as ever to get those babies out! I don't blame her: her pregnancy has been quite difficult for most of it and now her belly is so huge it's difficult to get comfortable in just about any position.

I was honored when she asked me to be a Godmother to one of the children, especially because I live in another country (her in the USA, me in Canada), although we're not too too far from each other. I had already been planning on buying some gifts and sending them in the mail, and to make it extra special I chose to make some sugar cookies for her, as she's always commenting on how much she wants my baked goods!

These were really quite simple, although I've never had to make that many colours! I think there were 9 or 10 in total. For the soothers I used a Christmas ornament cutter, the babies just small circles, and the baby bottle a trimmed candy cane cutter. I was a bit disappointed in myself because I thought I made 2 baby bottles, but it turned out I forgot. And I'm happy to say that all arrived in perfect shape, no broken cookies. I made sure to use a lot of padding- some of the padding was baby wash clothes- and to put them in a box inside a padded bigger box.

If you're interested in making sugar cookies and/or royal icing, check out my post here.

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