Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies

It's finally come! Well passed actually- my best friend's bridal shower that I'd been looking forward to for 2 months because of the opportunity to bake and create beautiful things! It was one jam-packed weekend home-exhausting-but wonderful. Top things on the agenda: baking cupcakes and the cake for the shower (as I had done the cookies earlier in the week already), setting up and going  to the shower of course, having Sean's parents come to my family's house for lunch to meet my parents for the first time, looking for apartments for when we move in August- and ideally setting up an apartment if we liked one, getting my hair cut and colored, and seeing friends somewhere in there!

Well, I did it all, including some laundry and family time, but it made for a very long weekend. The surprise bridal shower and parent meeting went off without a hitch, everybody loved my baked goods, and we found a place to live! The apartment searching was stressful- we saw 3 different places on Sunday morning and 1 we liked, but we weren't convinced it was what we wanted to go with. So Sunday afternoon after Sean's parents left we worked like mad to find a few more places that we could view on Monday morning before heading back home. We set up 3 viewings, and the plan was to leave for home at around 1:00.

The first apartment we viewed Monday morning I really liked, as it had quite a large kitchen with lots of counter space and cupboards. Unfortunately, Sean wasn't a fan of the living room layout. The second apartment we saw Sean really liked, but I was unhappy with the kitchen as it was significantly smaller. However, it was still a beautiful apartment. After much discussion, and then further discussion with my own parents, we decided to go with the second apartment. We made another trip into town to bring in all the paperwork and ended up leaving for home almost 5 and a half hours later than originally planned. We arrived home at around midnight, but found out the following day that we got the apartment! I'm so excited! I needed to share all of that because I can't stop thinking about our new place and how much more room we'll have, how much nicer it is, and how much closer I'll be to family! Yay!

Anyways, back to the bridal shower!

These are made from my favourite sugar cookie recipe, that has almond rather than vanilla extract in the cookie itself and vanilla extract in the icing. You can find full instructions on how to make them and all ingredients required from this post.

Because I've been so busy lately, what I did was bake the cookies about 2 weeks prior to the wedding shower. I wrapped up about 3 cookies at a time in plastic wrap, and put several bundles in a large freezer Ziploc bag. Then I put the bags in a plastic container before going into the freezer. This ensured that no moisture was lost from the cookies and no freezer burn happened. And you know what, I didn't notice that they had been frozen, and certainly nobody else did. Now to be clear, the cookies were put in the freezer before being iced. I've read that this is a big no-no, although because I've never tried it I can't say for sure. 6 days prior to the shower I took them out and decorated them over 2 days. Once dried, they were sealed up again and placed in the fridge so they wouldn't soften due to the humidity in my apartment. One great thing about sugar cookies is that they last for quite a long time and you don't need to worry about them losing their freshness.

Each wedding gown was completely unique, and it was so much fun creating different looks! And the funny part is that I created the one on the very bottom left, with the pink pearls, thinking of the bride-to-be. And sure enough, it was the first cookie she grabbed! Now that's knowing your best friend :).

Here's a sneak-peak at what's to come in the next post or two:

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